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User Research And New Product Strategy

About Jodo
Jodo is a mission-oriented early-stage fin-tech startup which is building a suite of carefully tailored financial products and delivery mechanisms to fulfill the aspirations and needs of middle-income households in urban India. Jodo is started by three cofounders, who have a pedigreed education background (IIT/IIM) and relevant professional experience in financial services. More importantly, they come from a similar background as the customer segment they are serving, and have done extensive customer research to understands the needs of the customer. Jodo is backed by high-quality investors to realise this mission.
What’s on offer?
Jodo aims to be a multi-product fintech platform that can offer products for various life-needs of the customer. We adopt a first-principles approach to crafting new financial products – which is understanding the needs and aspirations of customers and structuring financial products backward from there. Jodo’s first product is an innovative financing product to help middle-income households manage their school fee expense. We are looking to hire a core team member who can lead continuous user-research to understand customer needs, ideate new products based on research insights, and test viability of those products. This is a high-impact, critical role to craft the future product roadmap of the organization.
Roles / Responsibilities
  • Own and execute user research studies to build a deep understanding of the needs, aspirations and financial behavior of our target customer segment
  • Build a research repository - to make customer insights accessible and actionable by the broader team
  • Convert research insights to tangible financial product ideas and present that for discussion to the broader team
  • Collaborate with teams to test the viability of product ideas in the market
  • Build a user research team to execute the above activities & broadly to drive the organization to be 'customer-centric'
  • Relevant experience and/or understanding of financial services is highly desired
  • Hands-on experience in conducting user-research studies is a big bonus
  • Entrepreneurial mindset - the ability to take ambiguous requirements and work to get tangible results without too much handholding
  • This is an open-ended generalist role - ideal for people with experience in consulting, product management, working on new initiatives amongst others
Intrinsics Required
  • Execution oriented – the ability to get things done fast
  • Excellent problem solving skills - ability to think from first principles
  • Intellectual honesty - always seeking and stating truth irrespective of personal beliefs
  • Empathetic and passionate about understanding the customer segment & mission-oriented
  • High sense of ownership
  • Personal growth and learning mindset
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