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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Jodo?

Jodo is a Bangalore-based fintech company. Its first product is focused on providing an alternate way to pay school fees. With Jodo, parents can pay their children's school fees in monthly installments at no interest cost.

Is it only available in certain schools?

Yes, Jodo has partnered with various schools and this is available to parents of those schools only. However, if your child is not enrolled in our partner schools, please let us know the school name here. We will try to partner with the school to serve you.

How do I know if my school is a Jodo partner school?

You can call us on 9606108182 or contact your school to find out.

Is this a loan?

Yes, this is a loan but it is not a traditional loan product as we charge no interest.

Who are your bank partners?

We are working with multiple banks and NBFCs to bring this product to you. Depending on the applicant profile we choose the partner financial institution. Once you are approved, the name of the partner will be shown to you.

Is this available for everyone in the partner school?

Everyone is in our partner schools is eligible to apply. Approval will be based on factors like applicant's income, credit score amongst others.

When should I apply for the Jodo payment plan?

We encourage you to apply to Jodo well before the fee payment dates in your school. If you apply and get yourself pre-approved, we will be able to instantly process during the fee payment window in your school. Even if you are not sure of the exact fees for next year, we encourage you to apply as the fee transfer will be done after confirming the exact fee with you and the school. You can click here to apply.

I have already paid some part of the fees to the school, can I take the rest on Jodo?

Yes, even if you have paid a part of the fees to the school directly, you can convert the rest of the amount to monthly installments via Jodo payment plan.

Who should apply for this plan in the family?

We encourage the earning member in the family to apply for the plan.

What documents do I need to fill up the application?

We will require the applicant's PAN number and 6M bank account statement for processing the application.

Why are you asking PAN number and bank account statement?

Since we are paying on behalf of you to the school and collecting from you over a period of time, our partner Banks/NBFCs will need to check your credit score for which we need your PAN number. We need your bank account statement to verify that your bank account is an active bank account with transactions to setup the auto-debit. We assure you that the data you give us is absolutely safe. We will not share your data with anyone.

Do you take any collateral or security?

No, we don't ask for any collateral or security from the applicant.

Can I get the money directly in my account which I will pay to the school?

No, we don't transfer the money to the applicant's bank account. We directly pay it to the school.

How are repayments made? Do I have to remember to pay every month?

We set up an auto-debit on your primary bank account so that the money is automatically debited on a particular day in a month. Hence, you don't have the hassle of remembering to pay every month. We will remind you 3 days in advance of the auto-debit date to ensure you have enough funds in your account. You also have the option to pay online (Netbanking or debit card or UPI) before the auto-debit date.

Can I pre-pay the fees? Is there any penalty for that?

Yes, you can pre-pay the fees anytime you want. There is no penalty levied for that.

What happens if I don't pay on time?

We strongly encourage you to pay on time. If you don't pay or delay the payment, the partner banks/NBFCs will be reporting it to the credit bureaus which will lower your credit score. This will affect your access to the Jodo payment plan as well as loans from other banks / NBFCs.

How many installments?

We have different installment plans for different schools. Please check with us here.

I need fee receipts for tax purposes. Will I get it?

Yes, we will be giving you fee receipts against your payments.