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Collections Manager
This job is no longer active, please visit here to see latest openings!
Role Description

Jodo is looking to hire a Collections Manager to join the core team and be part of crafting the credit & collections strategy of the company from scratch. The opportunity is to contribute beyond the functional role and be an instrumental part of charting the growth path of a potentially large impactful organisation.

  • Framing the collections & recovery process while being sensitive to the customer segment and other stakeholders
  • Own the end-to-end collections for unsecured small ticket size lending
  • Team building - Taking the lead in building and training a high-quality robust collections team
  • Build a culture of collections through persuasion and dialogue
  • Analytical bent of mind - A data-driven approach to improve the collection process

Traits of the Ideal Candidate
  • Execution oriented - The ability to get things done fast
  • Excellent problem-solving skills - The ability to think from first principles
  • Intellectual honesty - Always seeking and stating truth irrespective of personal beliefs
  • Empathetic to the customer segment & mission-oriented
  • High sense of ownership
  • Personal growth and learning mindset

  • 5+ experience in the collections team in a Bank/NBFC
  • Experience in managing a calling and an on-ground team
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Kannada