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Automate Fee Collection, Forever!

No more fee delays and tedious follow ups. Get your fees on time, always!


End late payments by automating
your fee collection!

Get all your fees on time!

E-Nach set up for fee instalments. Automatically sends fee reminders, collects payments and generates receipts.

End to end fee collection workflow and cashflow insights

Give your team the ability to dynamically create and manage fee schedules. All payments can be reconciled in seconds with deep insights into your current and future cash flows.

Collect your fees on day 1!

Offer no cost EMIs to parents and get your fees upfront

Provide extra flexibility to your fee payers and build stronger relationships with them.

Boost admissions

Increase the chance of closing an admission by 3 times

An online payment suite crafted exclusively
for educational institutes!

Seamless payment gateway

A low-cost PG that can be easily integrated into your workflow and cover all digital modes of fee payment.

Tailor-made payment pages

Create a customizable payment page to collect any kind of fees in minutes!

International payments

Receive international payments seamlessly at the lowest rates

Virtual Accounts

Reconciling bank transfers via NEFT/RTGS payments was never easier


All-in-one fee management platform

Manage all your fee related operations in minutes

Build fully customisable fee schedules, manage due dates and discounts with our powerful fee management system

All fee payments are tracked and reconciled under one roof

Track and reconcile all fee payments in seconds using our dashboard. Get pinpoint insights into collection stats.

Never follow up manually for fees again

Built in whatsapp communication layer to automate fee due reminders, notices and invoices


How Jodo Flex automates schools' entire fee collection process.
Mr. Pratham Mittal on how Jodo helps with automating fee collection at universities.
Mr. Bhadra Reddy, Chairman of Malla Reddy University on how Jodo helps MRMS with Fee Collection!
Ms. Sunir Nagi, Principal of Pallavi Model School, on how Jodo enabled 99% On Time Fee Collection!
Mr. Lalit Maheshwari of ALLEN, on why Jodo is the best Fee Collection Tool for Coachings


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