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Director, Institute Partnerships
This job is no longer active, please visit here to see latest openings!
Role Description

We are just getting started! This not just an opportunity to be part of the startup journey but help shape the journey by building things from scratch. We are looking to hire a core team member to facilitate our partnership with institutes.
Institutes are the focal point of Jodo's growth at this point - as we are able to serve parents with this innovative monthly fee payment plan, only of the institutes we have tied up with. So, the opportunity is to be an instrumental part of charting the growth path of a potentially large impactful organisation.

  • School/Institute sales - Primary responsibility is to sell to institutes and bring them onboard
    • Tie up with institutes and onboard them so that we can offer the Jodo plan to the parents in the school/institute
    • Negotiate and get into commercial agreements with institutes
    • Upsell our other payment products in the institutes
  • Stakeholder Management in Schools/Institutes
    • Enable Jodo to liaison with the institute tied up with, for close to
      everything from meeting the parents, doing events etc.
    • Forge a strong relationship with the school/institute management and principal and be their first port of call on anything to do with finances
  • Team Building - Build a high-quality sales team and lead it in that city

Traits Of the Ideal Candidate
  • Self-starter with a high sense of ownership - Comfortable to work with minimal supervision and do sales independently
  • Ability to drive sales and closures - Have the capability to do standalone meetings with the institute management and drive closures
  • Hungry to learn and grow - Passion to learn & be a better version of oneself; motivated to succeed
  • Bias for action - Have the temperament to experiment and execute in uncertainty
  • Hustler - Ability to generate resources to solve a problem
  • Intellectual honesty - Always seeking and presenting truth irrespective of personal POV or beliefs
  • Mission-oriented - Deeply care about delivering value and making an impact on customer's lives

  • 3+ years of doing B2B sales
  • Entrepreneurial mindset - The ability to be able to crack institute deals independently and work to get tangible results without too much handholding
  • Willingness to be on the ground most of the time and doing field sales
  • Relevant experience of selling to institutes is desirable but not a requirement