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Founders' Office
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Role Description

We are an early stage company which means we are just getting started! This not just an opportunity to be part of the startup journey but help shape the journey by building things from scratch. We are looking to hire a General Manager, Founder's Office who can own verticals within the company/ideate and lead new product lines/build playbooks for new sales initiatives. This is a high-impact, critical role to craft the future roadmap of the organization.

  • Execute company - critical initiatives and projects. Examples include -
    • Building a playbook for new sales initiatives - Jodo is expanding beyond schools to colleges, coaching centres, ed-tech companies etc.
    • Lead user-research for a new product line
    • Designing and driving OKRs for different teams
  • Core team member
    • Work closely with founders on key pillars of the business - product, sales and project management
    • Lead the ideation, planning, and execution of these projects
Traits of the Ideal Candidate
  • Self-starter with a high sense of ownership - Comfortable to work with minimal supervision and drive projects/initiatives independently
  • Excellent problem-solving skills - First principles thinking and ability to give shape to ambiguous problem statements
  • Bias for action - Have the temperament to experiment and execute in uncertainty
  • Hustler - Ability to generate resources to solve a problem
  • Intellectual honesty - Always seeking and presenting truth irrespective of personal POV or beliefs
  • Mission-oriented - Deeply care about delivering value and making an impact on customer's lives
  • Hungry to learn and grow - Passion to learn & be a better version of oneself;motivated to succeed
  • Top tier colleges (IITs, IIMs, ISB, BITS etc.) + 3-5 years of experience in consulting, operations, business development, growth and new initiatives at top startups
  • Track record of outperformance/over-achieving targets in previous work places
  • Experience in leading initiatives and delivering results in a time-bound manner
  • Prior experience in early stage startups or as a founder is a huge plus
  • Prior exposure to Fintech or understanding of financial services is a plus

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