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Talent Acquisition Specialist
This job is no longer active, please visit here to see latest openings!
Role Description

Recruiters at Jodo are tasked with building the company from the ground up and helping it achieve its goals. End-to-end recruitment: Sourcing to onboarding candidates.

  • Identify specific and high-performing candidates that will enhance the culture of the company
  • Attract applicants, compete for top talent, improve quality of hire, and increase brand awareness
  • Align the candidate's risk-taking appetite with a clear, actionable vision
  • Be an enthusiastic storyteller who understands the company's brand differentiators
  • Create a meaningful candidate experience
  • Maintain data

You will succeed in this role if you:
  • have the skill set of a top sales rep
  • have ambition and drive to really build a company
  • can navigate ambiguity well
  • have the ability to pitch the company vision and the role in a genuine way
  • are a savvy negotiator and excel at influencing and negotiating the close

  • Becoming a part of the early core team
  • Competitive salary
  • Work with colleagues from strong backgrounds & hungry to succeed
  • Opportunity to interact with and learn from high-pedigree investors & mentors -
    • VCs: Tiger Global, Elevation Capital (erstwhile SAIF Partners), Matrix Partners
    • Select angel investors: Kunal Shah, Nithin Kamath, Amit Ranjan

What are we looking for?
  • Self-starter with a high sense of ownership - Comfortable working with minimal supervision
  • Hungry to learn and grow - Passion to learn & be a better version of oneself; motivated to succeed
  • Bias for action - Have the temperament to experiment and execute in uncertainty
  • Hustler - Ability to generate resources to solve a problem
  • Intellectual honesty - Always seeking and presenting truth irrespective of personal POV or beliefs
  • Mission-oriented - Deeply care about delivering value and making an impact on customer's lives

Key Details
  • Role: Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Location: Bangalore
  • Experience: 3-7 years of relevant experience
  • Working 6 days a week

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